Pursuit of the killer app

For this week’s post I’ve decided to cover a communication approach most brands have and use.

Different approaches to communication

As you can see this approach is made outside-in. First thing to communicate is what brand does, i.e. brand A is making calculators, namely THE CALCULATOR. Then it elaborates on the features to make stronger selling proposition and answers question how. In case of calculators, brand could say that THE CALCULATOR is loaded with features that can help a serious mathematician. At the end, someone could ask, why are you doing it, and brand could say because we are premium brand of calculators, helping mathematicians since 1965.

This is the approach most brands make. Pursuit of USP and one killer app or feature is a continuous struggle.

Instead, there is an alternative approach that is illustrated in the inside-out chart. First and fundamental question brand should communicate is Why. Why is brand making these products/service and does it matter to people doing it?

So, to take a previous example, brand could say: we started in pursuit of the best calculator known to mathematicians all over the world, to help them solve all mathematical problems and make this world a better place.

Now we come to how question, which could be answered like this: All started in 1965. When two students, made first prototype called CALCULUS I and changed calculation forever.

At the end brand can tackle what question. This could be elaborated: John and Paul soon realized that to help mathematicians they would have to change calculators from the ground up, so THE CALCULATOR was born.

Two things to note here:

  1. Second example is made into a neat little story. This is usually true story of the company’s beginnings and first big product launch. It can be easily researched, found and communicated.
  2. Second example is emotional, it’s easier to understand and connect with this brand, opposed to the brand that sells calculators loaded with features.

These are reasons people have stronger attachment to Apple products than PC computers. Although both are personal computers, Apple communicates reasons for Apple’s being. On the other hand, PCs are made in numerous factories and are just commodity, good to buy and use and  nothing to write home about.

To see you of, I give you talk by Simon Sinek that inspired this post.

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