Case study 3: Notion Ink’s Adam

Have you heard for iPad? Or Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Maybe, Blackberry Playbook? Probably you have, and if not, I’m sure that you’ve heard for iPad. Apple, is a company that prides to be creative, simple to use and far away from Microsoft-like advertising and promotion. Yet, this same company has hyped-up media around its newest product so much so that everyone knows of its existence. Don’t get me wrong, I love iPad, still, this amount of promotion is achievable only through large advertising budgets, great PR or very loud fan base.
Latter is just what is going on in yearly cycles. Each year, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, comes out of his hiding and much like groundhog of Punxsutawney, forecasts new trends in technology

But, Apple is not the topic of this post. Rather, its small Indian start-up called Notion Ink, that soon plans to unvail their tablet to the general public.

Why am I writing about it?Because I like how they are building their brand and i love the product.

Meet Adam

Notion ink is a start-up that created TEGRA based tablet computer prototype, with all bells and whistles we are used to (usb, hdmi, cameras) along with few others we have never seen and are yet to see on Apple variants of the product. After unveiling it to the media, they went to seek investment capital.

Because of this, development of the product has lasted a longer time and was preceded by Apple. But while Apple held its development close to home, Notion ink from the start shared its development steps with all who was interested. On their corporate blog they are writing about hiring, company development, technical difficulties and choices they’ve made in specification and design of the product. In short, they are keeping their followers in the loop and gowing them to fans.

Tablet platform is open also: TEGRA processor with Android based OS.  What delights me is the optimisation of battery life (longer than iPad) and user experience.

Along with standard touchscreen, person will be able to control the tablet with the touch pad placed on the back of the device. That way you could control the tablet with the holding hand in situations like driving in a tain or subway, or while having a drink.

Also, tablet has one adjustable camera, with swivel ability of 185 degrees. That way, camera can serve as a chat device as well as photo camera device.

To solve the annoying problem of direct sunlight which causes problems for so many touchscreen smart-phones and devices, Adam has a solution also. This makes it a unique in the category, as far as I know.

I won’t go in all specifications and details, since you can find them on the Internet. I hope you will love the product and talk about it.

To conclude, only opportunity for a small company and business for brand building is its founding story. While big corporations build suspense around their launches by not giving the information, smaller company’s only chance is in total openness to everyone who wants to listen. That way conversation is on and building of future fan base is sure.

For more information on Notion Ink’s Adam go to:

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