Case #2 – Grandma’s Pies

Great examples of storytelling and brand building are all around us, we just have to notice it. So in order to make you notice on some great storytelling, I turn your eyes to ‘Bakine Pite’ or in English ‘Grandma’s pies’. ‘Bakine pite’ is a family business of making and selling home made pies on the streets of Zagreb.

Right from the bat you get the sense of what is going on here. I’m not sure for Western Europe or America, but in Croatia, grandma is still a traditional person, with lot of love, stories and experience, who loves her grandchildren and makes them delicious food and cakes. This is one aspect of it, immediate emotional connection and brand benefit.

Second is the experiential background, stories that are immediately connected to the name: chiefly, story of Little Red Riding Hood. Small girl that wanted to bring her grandma some food and cakes and was so rudely interrupted by the gluttonous wolf.

To summarize the name part, it gives immediate brand benefit with emotional baggage that takes us to our childhood and connects with ancient archetypes.

There is also a tag line to the brand:’Grandma’s pies. Better then your mothers.’, which clearly and consistently uses our emotional memory and enhances the benefit of the brand.


Grandma's Pies - house

Now, let’s look at look and feel of the brand. Usually, food stands are nothing more than an aluminium stand that keeps the food warm. There is no design, its functional, and success depends mainly on the seller’s ability to attract attention. For ‘Grandma’s pies’, since we are dealing with a brand concept, stand is designed as a wooden house in which Little Red Riding Hood could live, or would take its parcel of food from her mother to take to the sick grandmother.

Design of the logo is warm, domestic and inviting. Menus are design in tablecloth manner, to give impression of grandma’s kitchen when ordering. People who sell the pies are all women, dressed in a uniform that is a bit domestic, a bit folklore, still that homey feeling.

To go even further, their delivery is also made in costume, a Little Red Riding Hood costume! Talk about taking the story whole way out!

‘Grandma’s pies’ also has a web presence through Facebook fan page

Communication through the page is relatable and in context of the whole story. Posts are done by Little Red Riding Hood, they are to the point.

As you can see, it is possible to use the story as a branding tool. What needs to be done is consistent communication all the time. If you know your core story, stick with it in your design, look and feel, communication and community building, stationary, name of the services/products.

If you don’t know what your core story is all about, look at your past, things people say about you, how they feel, how you feel, make something up, just stay focused and use the stories as a tool and you will succeed. If you need any help, feel free to contact me for advice or opinion, I’m glad to help.

I'm currently working as an Account Planner in Direct Media. I'm interested in leveraging brand stories through digital media and helping brands fulfill their potential.

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