Two examples of stories in branding

Do you know my friend FRED?

When talking about stories and branding I usually think about communicating stories that already exist or are part of company’s folklore.

Following example shows how to use stories to describe average user of the brand and in turn, grow it into a brand identity.
Wouldn’t you like to have a freind like Fred?

Samsung 3d commercial

Another example of using stories is making usual things seem unusual through a story.

Prime example is the TVC for Samsung 3d TV which you can check out via link below.
By taking old masters paintings and making stories around them, contextualizing with the benefit of the product, what Samsung ended up with is a unusual and interesting advertising.

All images are taken in good faith from the linked source pages

I'm currently working as an Account Planner in Direct Media. I'm interested in leveraging brand stories through digital media and helping brands fulfill their potential.

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