Infographics as a great presentation tool

I’m a bit of a presentation addict. I’ll watch anything done well in a PowerPoint or keynote presentation.

Presentations made in flash, as an animation, interactively on the web, I love them all. Recently I’m a witness to steep rise of infographics. To me they are condensed and designed presentations and that is precisely the reason, in my opinion, for their popularity.

Presentation aims to educate and convince in most part. Infographics aim is to educate engage and entertain as much as possible. Well designed infographic is a marvel to look at, and thus, you learn things you ordinarily would not.

For instance, I’m no beer expert. I don’t drink beer, I don’t like beer (at least brands I tried), I don’t hang around beer. In fact I’m a no beer kind of a guy. Still, I’m interested in beer, since it makes dor substantial share of advertising revenue, lot of interesting people drink it and like it and from a small-talk point of view, it would be a nice thing to know something interesting about it.

So, if I find a way to a beautiful graphic like this one below,  I could learn something about the beer and start discussing it with the best of them.

Simple, functional design, aimed to teach and engage, that is the world of infographics.

The infographic was the brainchild of designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan

For the farewell

Here’s a Red riding hood told as a infographic animation:

Courtesy of Swedish animator Tomas Nilsson

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