Where good ideas come from?

I’m sorry for borrowing the title, but for today’s post I’m giving you inspiration video by Steven Johnson

Longer video for this topic you can find on TED, but I give you my favorite, RSA Animate version.
Turtles have special role in this video so pay attention 🙂

I always had this opinion on idea generation and still am convinced by my practice in idea generation, that ideas are not born in vacuum. Just the opposite, to have good idea you need a person to talk to and not just any person at that. If you are happy enough to know lot of different and smart people, you certainly will have lot of good ideas. That is if you have time to meet them and talk to them.
That is why organizations and companies have to establish the opportunity for ideas to mingle. Sitting at the desk all day waiting for the insight to come from the data, rather the discussion is a practice that leads to nowhere.

Why is the most creatively successful organization, PIXAR, built around toilets and a restaurant? Steve Jobs wanted to give his employees an opportunity to bump with each other during the day and exchange ideas and opinions on the different projects they developed. So he put toilets and restaurant in the middle of the company, with offices around that area. So everyone has to come to the center and meet other people. There is no opportunity to isolation. Now that’s an idea!

How does your company hunting for ideas?

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