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Last two weeks have gone by so quickly. Most of my free time was spent thinking about this blog and next steps I need to make. I don’t have to tell you, that even simplest things have details that just pass your attention. Same was with this blog.
Before publishing first post I had a clear idea on mind: Storytelling for brands. Yes, I had additional interests and things to talk about, but I thought making the first step and evolving in the future.

So while I think about the technical aspects of blog, I thought of putting some great content that got me to where I am today and get’s me going in the morning.

How to Tell a Story

Mike Raw of Dirty Jobs is a revelation @GuyKawasaki again. I haven’t watched the show but premise is simple. Mike is an apprentice to a manual, dirty job in each episode. He tells the story of people doing things for living we usually find Dirty or inappropriate. His TED speech, surprised me and got me thinking, so enjoy!

Surprising science of motivation

Dan Pink and his book ‘A Whole New Mind’ is a story of itself. In his TED talk he is explaining the science of motivation. It motivated me to learn more and eventually start a blog

Another thing that really energizes me is a presentation. Presentation of things made in unusual way. If you liked Dan Pink’s speech, here it comes in a more visual format.

This was done for RSA Animate by Cognitive Media. RSA.org is a ‘think tank’ organization, much like TED, so check in and hear some clever stuff.

I think this is enough for the first time, expect more inspirational videos and links.

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