A Geek new world!

Hello world, I’m a geek and I’m proud.

These words once held a stigma of an outcast, someone different, to be teased in school and ridiculed. Geek was a tag majority puts on the people they couldn’t either understand or relate. Geeks were not good at sports, they didn’t have the same social skills like the others. At the same time, they had a lot of knowledge on subjects other found strange or complicated. They thought in different ways and had interests in lot of diverse subjects.

Geeks have been a forefront of the future with interest in computers and science, when term popular science wasn’t even around. So, why am I talking about geeks?

A friend told me that I should be happy to be a geek NOW. After thinking about it I found it to be true. I am a kind of geek, I’m interested in stories (film, comics, TV, books), also I’m interested in computers, animation, drawing, web design, movie editing, writing, advertising, human behaviour, research techniques, history, and lot of diverse subjects that I don’t know about just yet but may find about tomorrow.

More and more, geek is a word that is used often and with pride, and this world of ours is becoming more and more geeky by the minute.

We are more and more dependant on technology, we communicate via satellites, talk over phones that have no cords or cables, spend more and more time over a computer and are waiting for a new Apple gadget to come out like it will make or break people destinies. In such a world, to have a geek by your side is not a bad thing. Geek can help you make sense of the world around you, but what is more important utilize the opportunities made by free technology to make something new.

How is this connected with the storytelling and branding?

Imagine world 20 years ago: Print, outdoor, TV and radio. Not lot of channels to choose from to tell a story. If it was loud enough people would notice and talk about it.
Now its become a channel jungle, where consumers are lurking form a cell phone, interactive city light, bluetooth message you receive in the store, moving picture you are looking through the window of a subway or thousand different variations on the theme.

It is not a media world, but a platform world now, and finding a way to make an idea a reality is a domain of geeks. For any story to be told there is a way to do it. Want to make a promotion of a car? Why not make a funny story of its production and release it to the public. What TV station? Why not your own! Make a channel online, connect it to a social group and person’s mobile phone. Track the people and find a way to give them something. Finding a free online service, way of connecting with the mobile phones, ways of sharing the content on the web, are technical questions but also and creative ones, so we all need to be a bit geeky. Opportunities are a lot, and geeks lead the way.

Indeed it is a Geek New World.

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