Old Spice copycat? I don’t think so

What to do online? How to be Social and popular? With the increase of social marketing and social networks, these are the questions on every brand manager’s mind. Take Old Spice success and you’ll have a lot of people trying to profit on a seemingly new formula.

Old Spice was popular because of telling of a story in a credible and sexy, fun way. Main actor was a key part of the success with his staccato rhythm of delivering perfectly written copy. Although the concept was well executed in the past with Bruce Campbell of ‘Dead Evil’ fame, social networks and internet leveraged the campaign and made it possible to deliver its results.

Now, engagement of consumers through monologue directed to them, brushing on erotic and exotic, may be perceived as a key to success, but I find these examples below lacking in execution.

I’m not sure if this is an official campaign since the videos were up on official channel, still I know that these stories/slices_of_dating_life are neither funny, sexy or spontaneous. Writing is bland, acting is stiff, production is I guess ok, still, nothing more than a 2 minute washing_competition/ how_come_its_so_white/ look_at_me_what_I_can_do commercial.

What do you think?

On the positive note, a good campaign that has learned or is on the same track as Stallone vs. YouTube campaign is ‘Hunter ____ a bear’ campaign for Tipp-ex. It has humor, interactivity/engagement, context to experience brand and it tells the story.

Story of a hunter reluctant to shoot a bear and asking for your help. How can you help? Well there is Tipp-ex, of course.
Well done! If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link

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