Three Little Pigs, Richard Nixon and Advertising

This is the story about how we as civilization became paranoid and aimless. It’s the story about how news people went through being the voice of the élite to the voice of fear and confusion. This is the story about… Continue Reading

3 Lies We Tell Ourselves

3 lies we tell ourselves

There are lots of questions you may ask yourself and hope to get an answer. Questions my be practical or general in nature, still what we want is some answers, or rather some sense. Why? Because everyday life just seems… Continue Reading

Weaving the story


Want to share your brand story but don’t know how? Here are some tips! Continue Reading

Context really makes a difference


The greatest problem with market segmentation is that it’s just too boring. By using statistical and measurable variables, we end up with statistical lists that cannot inspire brand managers, media people nor creatives to do their job. By providing a bit of context, you can go a long way… Continue Reading

Infographics as a great presentation tool


Recently I’m a witness to steep rise of infographics. To me they are condensed and designed presentations and that is precisely the reason, in my opinion, for their popularity. If you are interested why, read on… Continue Reading

Case study 3: Notion Ink’s Adam


Have you heard for iPad? Or Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Maybe, Blackberry Playbook? Probably you have, and if not, I’m sure that you’ve heard for iPad. Apple, is a company that prides to be creative, simple to use and far away… Continue Reading

Case #2 – Grandma’s Pies

How to take a fairytale and build the brand around it? Could you do it? Does it need to be in-your-face, all around children thing? I think not and you can see why Continue Reading

Two examples of stories in branding

Do you know my friend FRED? When talking about stories and branding I usually think about communicating stories that already exist or are part of company’s folklore. Following example shows how to use stories to describe average user of the… Continue Reading